The Best Kinds of Bowling Shoes

A good pair of bowling shoes plays a major role in any bowler’s performance. There are different manufacturers offering varied styles, designs for support, and even fit. You may experience wearing different sizes of shoes from two different brands.

Wear a comfortable pair always to enjoy a good game. Try it on before buying, making sure that it there are no roughness in your movements whatsoever. There are mainly two kinds. It could be for athletic or for performance. Athletic bowling shoes have sliding soles on each shoe while performance bowling shoes are specifically created to give bowlers a better performance.

A performance bowling shoe is different from athletic shoe. The first one is made for sliding and the other one is for braking. Furthermore, the athletic shoes only have the sliding strip. Performance shoes are also specifically designed for left-handed bowlers or right-handed bowlers.

The sliding shoe helps the player to have an easier slide while delivering the ball. The braking sole gives traction for stopping. Choose the performance bowling shoes if you want to compete. If you are playing for recreation only, it is not very important but you will play better if you choose the athletic kind.

Just keep in mind that comfort is the main consideration. But if you want to be a professional bowler, your shoes will greatly affect your performance. Some have pads that can be interchanged. This feature allows you to fit your shoes to the surface you will play on.

Shopping for the best fitting bowling shoes is not an easy task. Be guided by some important tips and factors to look for in a good pair. The easiest way to finding the right shoes for you is by measuring your own feet. Measure the exact width and length of both your feet.

Prepare a paper and pen, then sit on the floor and bend your knee. When your foot is comfortably resting on the floor, trace your foot and then the other. Measure the length of both feet using a tape measure and jot down the measurements. Now, get the width of both your feet and write it down. And subtract 2/10 inch from the length and width to adjust the space between the pen mark and the side of the foot. You can find the proper fit of bowling shoes from these measurements.

Bowling shoes should always be clean. The slide strip and the grip shoe must be clean to work best. Dirty shoes can affect your performance. Dirty bowling shoes may give you a bad game. A dirty sliding shoe can give you a slide you are not used.

It is easy to take care of your bowling shoes. You only need a clean cloth or rag and some water. Wet the rag and wring it lightly. Use the wet cloth to clean the dirty spots of the shoe and use it only on the bottom. Clean the slide strip, it is the little leather or plastic at the front of the sole. Do not rub the slide strip just gently wipe it. Clean the other shoe and dry both with towel or cloth.

Regularly polish your shoes to keep it in tiptop condition. Use dry cloth in polishing and wiping the bottom of your bowling shoes. Polish both the shoes for a few minutes. This will remove the dirt and makes the slide strip smoother.

Buying used bowling shoes can help you try various brands and see how they perform. You will know about the difference between athletic and performance shoes by trying these used shoes. It can help you decide which will give you the proper fit before investing on an expensive and high quality pair.


L’Amour Shoes

The L’Amour line of kids shoes has become one of the most popular choices for all ages of youngsters. This is due to the use of solid design and fashion looks that kids are demanding in their footwear. Parents and guardians appreciate L’Amour shoes as well, because they provide so many options in styles that kids want while maintaining the affordability that is important for any budget.

Even the youngest infant can benefit from the comfort and durability of L’Amour shoes. They offer a full line of athletic and casual designs that are so popular these days, as well as a complete selection of dress shoes for boys and girls that toddlers will look good in. The loafers for boys are some of the most stylish and handsome shoes available today for those occasions when a black or brown shoe is called for. The patent leather loafer is a sharp-looking shoe that will fit even the most formal occasion. L’Amour shoes will even make babies look like a fashion plate. Their crib shoes for girls are some of the most stylish baby shoes available.

Girls will appreciate the patent leather look of the many different styles of Mary Janes that L’Amour shoes makes, which are available in a rainbow of colors to match any outfit a young lady will wear. Their Mary Janes also feature many stylish options in decorative design, including floral patterns, bows, and pom poms, as well as glittery finishes in shades of pink, blue, red, and silver that will really dazzle the eye. These designs are also available in ballet flats that are a big part of L’Amour shoes line of dress shoes for girls of any age.

Boots are becoming all the rage now in girls footwear for both casual and dress occasions. L’Amour shoes recognizes this development, and offers so of the most fashionable and well-made boots on the market today. There is a wide variety of boot styles to choose from in the L’Amour line. Ankle-high boots of leather with straps across the instep are a simple yet stylish fashion approach in footwear. These boots can be worn all year round as well, serving as an everyday shoe or a winter weather choice. The calf-high boots that L’Amour offers are available in colorful side strap designs of pink, black, or cream and gold combinations. They also offer fringe leather boots that will make any young girl the envy of her friends.

The sandal look is also taking over the shoe world for kids. L’Amour shoes has addressed this aspect of kids shoes with a good selection of sandals for both boys and girls that can be worn everyday or just in the warmer months of spring and summer. The color choices and style selections offered by L’Amour shoes are another reason why this line of kids shoes has become one of the most sought-after shoe in the business today.

Kids of any age will appreciate their parents or guardians coming home with L’Amour shoes for any occasion.


Purchasing Replacement Windows

Don’t you hate shopping for things you know absolutely nothing about? It is time consuming, and tedious. It takes patience, research, and the drive to get the best product for the best deal. Never was it more important than when buying replacement windows. With so many types of windows, vendors, and installers you will have many opinions. It will take diligence on your part to really find out what is the best product for your situation. Look into why you are purchasing windows, what purpose the windows will serve, where they need to be replaced, who is going to do the job, and when you are going to do the project.

WHY: Why are you replacing your windows? There are many reasons to replace windows. You could be getting a draft which throws all of your energy savings out the window. Another reason is aesthetics. If you are getting ready to sell your home this will defiantly be a key way to add extra curb appeal. Safety is another key factor in replacing windows. If the safety locks are broken and not replaceable replacement window are a must. Children quickly learn how to operate windows. The last thing anyone wants is their child to open the window because the safety latches were not working and fall out. This is defiantly an avoidable situation with replacement windows.

WHAT: What is the purpose you want the windows to serve? Are they for high energy efficiency? You will want to look into the most efficient windows and the tax credits that follow in order to get the best deal on this type of window. If you are only interested in making the place look pretty and then selling it you might want to consider a more economical choice. Also, you need to know what look and feel you are going for. Do you like vinyl, wood, or aluminum? These are all things to consider when determining what window replacements to purchase.

WHERE: Does the entire house need replacement windows or are the just a few windows that need to be replaced. For instance, the entire house does not need windows if only one window is proving to leak air or one window has lost its safety features. This is important to consider because the cost of one window is substantially less than replacement windows for your entire home.

WHO: This is the tricky research part of the deal. Get at least three estimates on windows and three on labor and installation. I say go with your gut feeling on this. The price might be a tad higher form one contractor to another but it is important to feel comfortable with your contractor and window vendor. If they are not patient and don’t thoroughly answer your questions look elsewhere. Another recommendation is to speak to other consumers. References are free and vendors and

should be more than willing to share this info. In the end I personally would go with the people who I, in my gut, felt the best with.

WHEN: The weather plays a big factor in window replacement. If you are doing your home the project may take a few days to finish. You will not want to be without sufficient weather blockers in the middle of winter or in the middle of the summer. Really think out the best time for the area that you live in to replace your windows.

Lastly, when you have followed all the step

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Three Reasons Loan Applications Get Denied

Most people only pursue a loan when they are in dire need of obtaining funds. These funds can be used for emergencies, a new car, and even repairs to the home. Whatever the reason a person needs a loan, it can be disappointing when they get turned down. Thanks to The Equal Credit Opportunity Act, lenders are required to disclose their reasons for denying a loan application. Below are three of the most common reasons.

Reason 1: Credit Reporting

The first thing a lender will do when someone applies for a loan is to pull his or her credit report. Credit reports offer the lender a lot more information than just a number. If a person has a large number of loans already outstanding, this may make a lender a little warier about increasing the person’s debt.

This credit report will also show the number of collection accounts, any past due accounts, and the payment history of the person applying for the loan. All of these are components of a credit report that can paint a picture for the lender, making them more inclined to lend you the money or deny a loan request.

Checking for discrepancies on a credit report may solve a lot of problems for a potential borrower. If they find that there are items on their credit report that are not theirs, they will need to call and get this rectified.

Reason 2: Insufficient Means for Payment

Lenders have to know that the money they are lending is going to be paid back. When a borrower does not have sufficient income or means to pay the loan back, a lender may be less inclined to give that borrower a loan.

In the massive amount of paperwork it takes to apply for a loan, the lending company will ask the potential borrower to list their income and be ready to supply proof that the income exists. Having this proof can help the lender justify lending the money if there are ever any questions as to why they did approve the loan.

Reason 3: Too Much Debt

Lenders take a hard look at a potential borrower’s debt-to-income ratio prior to lending them any more money. If a lender sees that a person is already using 50% or more of their earnings to pay on debts, a lender may consider them a high-risk borrower.

Loans are not the only thing that lenders will look at in terms of debt. The cost of living, credit cards, student loans, and collections accounts factor into the amount of debt a person has.

Hard Money Loans as an Alternative

If a potential borrower would like to try the loan application process again, correcting denial reasons is the first place to start. After checking the validity of the information on their credit report, reducing their debt-to-income ratio, and either adding collateral to a loan or proof that their income is sufficient enough to support the debt, they could try again. The most important thing for borrowers to remember is that double-checking for accurate information is the key. However, if the banks are still rejecting your application, another option for loans is going through a private hard money-lender. Hard money lenders provide loans based on real estate equity so they are a good alternative when banks don’t approve you.

In these unprecedented times when business are undergoing financial crisis, Hard Money Lenders like PB Financial Group can help you. Contact us for more information.



Are Frauds Related to Binary Options Actually a Reality or Is It Just a Hoax?

If you are one who has been badly defrauded by binary options scams, then you are not the only one. There are thousands like you who have badly scammed from such situations and the worst thing is that you can’t do anything at all. This is the very reason why you should be starting to think twice if you want to do a binary options trading in the very first place.

How do you find out that a binary options scam is taking place?

1) Deceptive brokers

The most common among the lot, deceptive brokers, and at the same times, they successfully endorsing an ICO being a part of quick fabrication owing to the limited rules and regulations laid out there for them as a result of the leniency of the financial authorities have recently been a significant hype for the last a couple of years. Copying someone else’s whitepaper and working extremely hard on Multi-Level Marketing via social media impersonations and celeb real reviews, ICO’s are the scam to buy in today’s financial world. Major people end up signing up for these ICO’s for this particular broker and soon enough, you lose all the money.

In case properly scrutinized, there are particular signs that let one know about a fake broker such as no definite roadmap and the founding directors having no trace whatsoever in the crypto market. Also, if the members belonging to the broker are inquiring about you to commit in a hurry, there is a high likelihood of it being a binary options scam.

2) Fake Wallets and Stupid exchanges

If you want to store your crypto, take the help of a wallet, be it hardware finances or an e-wallet. The majority of the investors choose an e-wallet over hardware finances, mainly because of its low fees and durability.

Sadly, a lot of crypto wallets that you see on the Play Store or App store are fake ones that seek to grab your private crypto key and grab you out of your money. It is highly suggested to do your research about the wallets and get to know about the ins and outs before adding your money into it. Also, it’s always advised to take help from some professional firm that is going to guide you in the proper direction.

The FCA has banned a lot of brokers who perform such unscrupulous activities but there are still a lot that remains.

Fake brokers, however, are still available.

3) Fraudulent Binary Deals

Remember the days where our teacher used to give us homework and we hated carrying it out. However, the change needs to be done while deciding to invest your cash in some binary options exchange. Digital foreign currency exchanges have increased in number over the past several years, giving rise to a lot of shady ones in the lot.

So as to determine whether an exchange is genuine or not, it is extremely suggested to do a complete quality check on the site. Some of them include confirming the requirements and withdrawal methods, the security status of the websites, phrases, and conditions, and proper office address and founder details.

Be it a direct trading trade, a complete all in one trading platform, or via brokers, it is extremely important to follow the above steps if you wish to save your hard-earned money.

So, don’t you wait and never fall for such binary options scams. Stay safe from such scams and invest your money wisely.



Are You Someone Who Has Been Victimized by a Binary Options Fraud and Don’t Know What to Do?

Binary Options Scams have been creating one of the biggest nuisances in the trading industry and sadly it is something that many investors have already been victimized by. If you are one, don’t be scared because there are thousands like you who have seen such a situation in their lives and still found out a way to recover the money that they have lost. Nevertheless, binary options scams are something that you need to keep a thorough eye on.

How to identify a binary options scam?

Daily emails and cold calls

If you open up your email and find out that a person emails you daily to say that he just earned a lot of money from binary options and wants to reveal it, it’s a scam. If someone promises to be with the Australian Duty Office, and poises you with legal action unless you send them some bitcoin straight away, it is a scam.

Watch for these sorts of attempts to obtain your money. Do not send money or try binary options trading anywhere except if you specifically who you’re sending it to. And don’t try to indulge yourself in binary options anywhere without double checking the facts.

Malware downloads

The Internet era brought a great deal of viruses, adware and spyware and other bad guys into the world. Unfortunately, the value, anonymity and whole digital nature of cryptocurrency means scammers can now earn cash a lot easier with dangerous downloads.

As always, you shouldn’t click on unknown email parts or potentially dangerous links. You should also be very aware about bitcoin being used as bait. For example, a post on social media where someone claims you can mine bitcoin just by downloading a program or a web link to an expected bitcoin exchange that offers freebies to get started on should always be treated with hunch.

There are a lot of safe, genuine and secure cryptocurrency exchanges, but you probably won’t get to them by following strange links.

Other Scams

Often there are binary option clubs that pitch themselves as investment and membership networks. They guarantee high returns, or cash flows or some form of pay off, but with a catch. You have to stop something of value, such as a membership fee, or regular continuing payments into an account or to an agent or questioned to deliver money anywhere.

Outright scams tend to market by themselves heavily and conceal their true purposes through proven marketing gimmicks. Their brokers and marketing entrance is known to be excellent at potential



Let’s Think About Gracefulness of Glass

We use them every day. Glasses, vases, plates….They are usually made of glass, often painted in various colours or richly decorated. But…

What is “Glass”?

Don’t be afraid. I will not provide you with a chemistry lesson. Nevertheless, I’m not a chemist but a person who is fascinated with the beauty and functionality of glass.

All of us are aware that glass as a final product is solid, typically brittle and often transparent. Before becoming a fragile vase or a piece on our dinner table, it is actually silicate sand melted with alcalic additives. In a little bit more complicated terms, glass is a silicon dioxide (70-75%) melted with sodium or potassium oxide in a temperature of 1300-1500 C. Another important compound which needs to be mentioned here is the calcium oxide which stabilizes the whole structure. The glass-forming liquid becomes actual glass when it is rapidly cooled.

Glass shows fascinating properties which change depending on its composition. Soda glass is soft and plastic. It slowly changes its structure when becoming solid so it can be shaped into various, often complicated forms. Potash glass is harder, and it was used for the greenish forest glass as well as for the crystal glass when the technology of cleaning and decolouring had been mastered.

As in this place we do not intend to analyze physics of glass, we want to refer you to the literature of glass making available in your local library.

Glass in Our Lives

The term “glass” originates from the Germanic word for transparent, lustrous substance. It was developed in the late Roman Empire, in the Roman glass-making centre located in Trier (today Germany).

I find glass to be fascinating. This material has a few thousand year-long tradition of making. Today, glass products are taken for granted-we use them on an everyday basis when serving food, decorating our homes or as purchasing them to make them gifts for our special ones.

It is impossible to mention all areas in which glass is used nowadays. My interests focus on glass as a gentle material which can be extravagantly used in home decoration. I’m talking here about unique glass pieces used as home accessories or gifts such as glass vases, table centerpieces or decorative bowls. Contemporary glass artists and glass works create artistic vases, bowls or candle holders which bring to our homes distinctiveness in their functionality and decoration. Elaborate centerpieces can be used in a variety of ways and in various settings. Place it in direct sun or light, and you will create a rainbow of colours which will enlighten any, even the darkest, room.

However, it is easy to become deceived by cheap copies of so called “artistic” glass pieces. You can easily find glass pieces advertised as “Murano vases” or “Murano bowls” which are in fact not original products-they do not originate from Murano Island (Italy), represent lower quality and can be purchased for lower prices. Always check with your retailer if the glass piece you are interested in is actually an example of Venetian glass.

The same goes with the Bohemian pieces which are often manufactured on a massive scale in anywhere but not in the Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. Always check if your supplies can provide you with a certificate of authenticity of a product you are interested in. Only when buying original glass vases, centerpieces, bowls, etc. you will fully enjoy the beauty of this grateful material.

Justyna Bialas is a Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Glamorous Glass, an online store offering European glass products such as glass vases, table centerpieces, bowls, plates, and more. Visit us today and find unique pieces of home decor, corporate gifts or exceptional gifts for every occasion.



From Ordinary to Stunning – Tiffany Glass, Part 2

Over the years use of glass has increased tremendously. Modern structural design considerations, aesthetic tastes, energy saving and comfort consciousness demands glasses having increased strength, safety and thermal performances. This situation demands increased use of heat treated glass.

The Principle of Heat Treatment

The basic objective of heat treatment process is to create an initial condition of surface and edge compression. This condition is achieved by first heating the glass, then cooling the surface rapidly. This cases the center of the glass to be hotter than the surface. As the center cools it forces the surfaces and edges into compression. Therefore such glasses can be Brocken only after overcoming this compressed extra surface.

The heat treated glass is fractured into small relatively harmless pieces by the tensile forces released from the glass center core and this phenomenon of breaking glass into small particle is called dicing.

The Process of Heat Treatment

Annealed float glass is cut into the required final size, the edges either seamed or polished and washed. There are two principle manufacturing method for heat treatment. One process heat treat it in a horizontal position while the second method moves the glass through the furnace in a vertical position with each light held by metal tongs. It is then heated to approximately 650 Degree Celsius. Upon withdrawal of hot glass from the tempering furnace, it is rapidly cooled (quenched) by blowing carefully controlled air flow from fixed or reciprocating or rotating blast nozzles uniformly onto both surfaces of glass simultaneously. Higher airflow rates produce fully tempered glass having a surface compression of 700kg/m2 or more and an edge compression of 680 or more and much lower air flow rates produce heat strengthened glass having a surface compression between 250 to 700kg/m2 and an edge compression between 390 to 680 kg/m2..

Response of Glass Properties to Heat treatment

The colour, solar properties, chemical compositions, hardness, specific gravity, coefficient of thermal expansion, softening point, thermal conductivity and stiffness remain unchanged after heat treatment. The only physical properties that changed are improved flexural and tensile strength, and improved resistance to thermal stress and thermal shock. Heat treatment changes the break pattern of glass. Fully tempered glass disintegrates into relatively small harmless pieces.

Type of Heat Treated Glass

Heat treated glass are classified into two types

1. Fully Tempered Glass

2. Heat Strengthened Glass

Fully Tempered Glass

Both fully tempered and Heat Strengthened glass is having the same heat treatment process and only difference is in the method of quenching. Higher airflow rates produce fully tempered glass.

Characteristics of fully tempered glass

Fully tempered glass is approximately 4 times stronger than the normal annealed glass and 6 times thermal resistant to that of annealed glass. It can be used up to a working temperature of 300Degree Celsius. Tempered glass is also able to resist temperature differences of 100 to 150 Degree Celsius which could cause annealed glass to crack. Typically breaks into small particles which are normally non-injurious and can be used as safety glass. It can be laminated with a suitable number of PVB interlayer. It can’t be cut or drilled after tempering. Since tempering improves the structural property. Tempered glass is considered as a structural element and it can be used for frameless glass facades, doors and point support systems and also can be used with any type of windows and curtain walls.

Uses of Tempered Glass

Tempered is using widely in Construction Industry for windows, curtain walls, frameless structural glazing work, sky lights etc were applications requiring increased strength and safety.

It also using in automotive industry as side and rear windows in automobiles.

It is also find application in refrigerators, furniture, ovens, shelving etc.

Tempered glass should not be used were building codes require wired glass for fire resistance.

Heat Strengthened Glass

As described earlier low air flow rates at the time of quenching produce Heat Strengthened Glass.

Characteristics of Heat Strengthened Glass

Heat Strengthened one is approximately 2 times stronger than the normal annealed one and 2 times thermal resistant to that of annealed one. It can be used up to a working temperature of 150 Degree Celsius. It breaks into large pieces almost like annealed glasses and cannot be used as safety glazing. It can be laminated with PVB interlayer. It can’t be cut or drilled after tempering. Heat Strengthened glass is not a structural glass and must be glazed on all four edges in conventional or structural silicone Aluminium system. It is not suitable for frameless facades. It is ideal for use in high-rise buildings and towers subjected to elevated wind load and temperature. Surface defects like optical distortion and bow etc are less than fully tempered. Nickel Sulphide inclusion is not considered as a significant source of fracture as in the cause of fully tempered.

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10 Ways That Seminar Leaders

Newsletters play an integral role in building a successful seminar business. They offer a convenient way to keep your name in front of your prospects. Newsletters also allow you to get your marketing message in front of people who might ignore a promotional email. Reading about a seminar in your newsletter makes your event appear to be more of a news item. Plus, prospects are less likely to delete newsletters containing plugs for your upcoming seminars – there’s too much other valuable information that they don’t want to miss.

Of course, for a newsletter to have impact, it must be sent to many people. Here are ways that you can build your mailing list:


  1. Add marketing copy to your opt-in box. Web site visitors are often offered the chance to sign up for a newsletter via an opt-in box on a web site’s home page. Too often, though, the opt-in box consists of “Sign Up for Our Newsletter” plus a space to enter your name and email address. Add more marketing copy to make the newsletter sound appealing. Incorporate a headline. Describe what subscribers get in your newsletter and how often they’ll receive it. In other words, sell visitors on the idea of signing up for your newsletter.
  2. Offer bonus gifts with every newsletter subscription.
  3. Provide a free newsletter subscription as a bonus gift with your other offers.
  4. Test other offers to see what else will convince visitors to sign up for your mailing list. Many people don’t want to receive more newsletters – they are already overloaded with information. Test offers of free reports, audios, teleseminars, webinars, free events, books, etc., to see which appeals most to your audience.
  5. Rather than promoting the newsletter via an opt-in box on your home page, put up a mini-sales page designed only to sell your newsletter. Drive traffic to this page and see if the extra promotional space and copy increases your conversion.
  6. Include a “refer a friend” link in every issue of your newsletter. Also invite subscribers to refer your newsletter to their friends and colleagues on the thank-you page after they sign up for your newsletter, as well as in the first email you send to confirm their subscription.
  7. Have a contest with readers to see who can refer the most subscribers.
  8. It should go without saying… but make sure you provide great content. If subscribers like your content, they’re more likely to read your newsletter – and more likely to refer it to their friends. Also invite readers to submit topics to you to increase their involvement.
  9. Use social media (such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn) to promote your newsletter. Provide a link to your site where people in your social media networks can read the article and sign up for their own subscription.
  10. Stick to a regular publication schedule. If you publish sporadically, readership will drop and people will forget about you. Wait too long between issues, and you might even find that some people forget how they got on your mailing list in the first place. Err on the side of caution when starting out, and set a publishing schedule you are certain that you can stick to. If publishing once a week seems like too much work, publish your newsletter only once or twice a month until it becomes habit. Then and only then should you consider increasing the frequency of your newsletter.

Enjoying an HD TV From the Comfort of Your Living

Having an exciting time of entertainment on an Android TV Box being displayed for viewing on a large TV screen is worthwhile. Now, with advanced technological inventions, you can enjoy your android device with a television that has HDMI compatibility.

The Functionality of an Android TV Box

With a remote, you can easily assess the WWW to view websites, watch your favourite movies, and participate in teleseminars. Several media possibilities that the Internet offers are now gradually making cable television to be obsolete. It is a simple fact that it’s not every programme that you like to watch on your local TV stations, but with your Internet connection you are in control of what you want per time. Your Android box will give you an enjoyable experience when you log on to online TVs, YouTube or any other social media that provides quality entertainment and needed information.

The Cost Factor

The road of 21st century technology now leads to broadband connections for researching content from the web. In fact, the box is going to make TV networks become old-fashioned in the nearest future. Unlike many Internet-enabled televisions that cost more money from subscriptions, an Android TV Box does not require any subscription, and you can watch anything online for free. If you own an Android smartphone, you would agree that you have access to free online films and free apps. Apart from the cost of buying the box, there are no other subscription costs attached to its use.

The Simplicity of Setup

It is generally simple to set up Android-enabled TV box. Just plug the device into the main power source and connect it to the HDMI port of your TV; the whole system will then be ready to function. The box works with an android operating system called ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich).

The Prime Benefits of the Box

An android TV box comes with several capabilities. You can transfer your collections of pictures and movies from your computer to the device with the use of USB or Bluetooth. Similarly, you can use SD cards for storage purposes. The TV box can effectively run most apps on the market, though it is not as powerful as tablets and smartphones. With the device, you can surf the web, check emails and play games while you view everything on your TV screen. Your television screen is quite bigger than that of touch screens and computers monitors. If the onboard memory of the box is insufficient to store your movie